What is Quantity Surveying?

Quantity Surveying is the process of quantifying construction materials, labour and methods in both time and cost. This is done to assemble budgets or estimates of varying degrees of detail, evaluate construction tenders and tender documents, and establish value for a project. Concosts' extensive consulting experience in Western Canada provides a strong basis on which to provide insight on investments and mitigate project risk through pre-construction budget analysis, market analysis and value engineering.

Quantity Surveyors in Canada are governed by the Canadian Institute of Quantity Surveyors (CIQS), which is responsible for bestowing designations on its members who have proven their experience and knowledge of the Canadian construction industry via education, work experience and examinations. Concosts is actively involved in the CIQS and the CIQS-BC affiliate, with staff members volunteering and actively participating in the Institute.

Concosts and its Principals were integral in creating standards for reporting and engagement practices for Quantity Surveyors in BC. From 1968 onward, Concosts has set the standard for Quantity Surveying in Western Canada.

Cost Planning

The term “Cost Planning” is defined as the process of estimating from initial feasibility (i.e. the "napkin sketch" stage) through to the actual design stages, with design details increasing throughout. The estimate advances through each stage of design to assist in design decisions—for example, to help keep the project financially feasible.

Concosts performs Quantity Surveying involving Quantity Takeoffs, Pricing and Value Engineering. We do not present a budget that we would not be able to meet ourselves. Our ultimate goal is to provide realistic expectations and mitigate risk before shovel hits dirt.

We analyze drawings along with specifications and consultant reports to collect all quantities for materials and labour. Where a physical quantity cannot be gauged, Concosts draws on its professional experience and knowledge to make informed estimates. Through this assemblage of data, we aim to provide a comprehensive scale of the scope for each project.

We boast an extensive history of thousands of projects of varying designs, finishes and construction types. We monitor many projects in Western Canada to maintain up-to-date records that reflect the ever-changing construction market. Combining our pricing matrices with quantities yields the total estimated cost of your project.