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Setting budget expectations for your project, start to finish.

Concosts and its Principals were integral in creating standard reporting and engagement practices for quantity surveyors in BC. From 1968, onward, Concosts has set the standard for quantity surveying in British Columbia. Our extensive consulting experience in Western Canada provides a strong basis on which to provide insight on investments and mitigate project risk through pre-construction budget analysis, market analysis and value engineering.

Our analysis of drawings, specifications and consultant reports, along with our professional experience and knowledge to make informed estimates, provides a comprehensive scale of scopes for each project.

Quantity Take-Offs

  • Areas statistics
  • Structural elements
  • Building systems


  • Hard unit costs for materials and labour
  • Soft Cost allowances
  • Project special conditions and requirements
  • Informed allowances

Value Engineering

  • Maintaining project integrity while reducing cost
  • Selecting products for cost efficiency
  • Achieving feasibility and greater profitability