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Professional & impartial third party opinion to resolve your construction disputes.

Litigation support is provided by Concosts’ Professional Quantity Surveyors to assist in the resolution of disputes between parties of a construction agreement. Disputes are most common between a Client and a contractor regarding the value of work completed on a construction project. The plaintiff in a case may be either the Client or the contractor, but in any case, the dispute in centered around cost. Our expertise as cost consultants provides us the ability to examine the details of the dispute and provide an expert opinion to a court or arbitrator. Upon receipt of instruction from the Client or Contractor’s legal representation, we will work with the lawyer to prepare an expert report.

A variety of circumstances may contribute to the need for an independent assessment of a dispute. The billing by the contractor versus the amount of work completed may not align. Amounts may be owing to a contractor for work performed that the Client refuses to pay. The performance of the contractor may be cause for termination, thus leaving an incomplete project and outstanding payables. Alternatively, a project may be complete but contain deficiencies requiring corrective work at additional cost. In any case, it is the plaintiff’s opinion that they have been taken advantage of financially and in breach of a contractual agreement. Concosts strong understanding of contract documents, our comprehensive knowledge of construction practices and methods combined with our detailed approach to forensic accounting analysis yields the most accurate conclusions to aid in dispute resolution.

As Professional Quantity Surveyors and Project Managers trained in analyzing, estimating and pricing construction work; the accuracy, quality and credibility of Concosts’ dispute resolution opinion reports has been substantiated by having such reports accepted as expert reports by the Supreme Court of British Columbia.


Our attention to detail, real construction experience and forensic accounting analysis will ensure a fair resolution to your disputes.

The litigation process is made easier with the assistance of a professional cost consultant. Concosts is actively involved in various areas of litigation support depending on the client and the project. The preparation of our expert opinion reports involves a structured process to ensure that we accurately address all relevant details of the dispute and provide a decisive conclusion. Concosts’ contribution to the judicial process on your project will be recognized as an asset by a judge, arbitrator or mediator.


Areas of Litigation Support

  • Expert reports and testimony
  • Analysis of construction claim disputes
  • Arbitration and mediation support
  • Assist receiver-manager in foreclosures

Components of expert report

  • Detailed site and project analysis
  • Complete documentation review
  • Forensic accounting audit & reconciliation
  • Market value cost comparison
  • Conclusive written opinion report

 Attributes to judicial process

  • Impartial 3rd party opinion
  • Professional Cost Consultants
  • Experienced in Project Management
  • Real cost index of reference